The Race

The Race

The Race is a very competitive hidden objects game
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The race is a very competitive hidden object game, where you will be traveling all around the world in a team race.
Each team is composed by two members, and the first thing you will have to do on the game is to configure your team; there are 5 different teams to choose from, and you will have to name each member of your team.
There are two main modes, the challenging mode which is the racing mode and the World Explorer which is the relaxing mode. You will also be collecting mode trophies as you start winning races, these trophies are Western, Central and Eastern Circuits and the World Finale.
During the race you will have to find hidden objects that will appear on a list that was given to you at the beginning of each level. In order to find them faster you have some items with you, a glass that helps you magnifying the images, a hot and cold cursor that burns when you are near to the top of the list article and a compass that points toward the direction where the first object of the list is. You also have bombs with you to knock down the closest competitor on your back.

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